Here are some of the organisations that Matumaini is supported by, and works with.

International Teams UK supports the Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre.

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is linked to Medical ambassadors international and aims to evangelise through community projects. Matumaini has recently began to work with the Kenyan branch of CHE.

Knoll Farm Christian Mission is a church based in England that has been supporting Matumaini for over 20 years. It is responsible for administrating child sponsorship and other donations. It also runs a Bible school three times a year at Matumaini teaching pastors from all over Kenya. Liliane Foundation is a medical organisation based in the Netherlands that has supported Matumaini for many years by sponsoring children and paying for their operations. St Andrews school- Situated near Matumaini, St Andrews school is an international christian boarding school that has been one of the biggest supporters of Matumaini for several years.

P.E.F.A* Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa - The East African based church organisation that Matumaini is affiliated to.

Vanessa Grant school * A local school for special needs children that works closely with Matumaini.

Victoria school * teaches children with physical disabilities and learning difficulties. It is part of the Shaftesbury society and has supported Matumaini for several years.

(* has no website link)

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PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre, PO BOX 62, 20106 MOLO, KENYA

Matumaini Centre is a registered Charitable Children Institute with the Kenya Ministry of Gender and Children Services


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Date last updated: November 2015

Supported by International Teams UK