April News

12/04/2011 15:05:35

Current news and prayer points

This April edition of Matumaini E-News contains current news which we hope you will enjoy reading, prayer points to help you to pray and ways for you to give and bless the children of Kenya. Thank you for reading this and for your ongoing support.

Merit Shop

The merit system is working well. The older boys are washing their clothes twice a weekend are getting into the routine. This teaches good cleanliness and discipline.

Evening Study & Teaching

There is evening study in the hostel and students are helped with their homework and studies. They follow a tough syllabus and learn English too. All their subjects are taught in English.

Basic Computer Skills

Basic computer skills are taught as there are three working computers in the training centre. They are taught how to use a computer and given exercises to help them practise using a mouse and keyboard.

Presentation of a desktop computer

The centre was presented a computer to the primary school for the staff to learn with and ideally then be able to teach the children. There continues to be power outages, though which can interrupt teaching and learning.
Teaching is aided by drawing symbols to represent a few keywords and to aid communication. They can be used to make a timetable.

Cooking lessons

There are some cooking classes in the hostel during the evening and meals such as pasta are made and enjoyed together. It is challenging making a large meal and cooking using a 'jiko'.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that the group from a national bank that visited recently will want to fund making a playground here
  • Praise God that it is raining a lot which means the vegetables are growing well in the garden
  • Pray for health for all the boys and protection from malarial disease
  • Pray for more funding for wheelchair ramps and pathways as they are desperately needed
  • Pray for more energy for the staff team as they really need a boost


How to Give

Your donation to Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre will go directly towards helping the disabled and the disadvantaged children in Matumaini location reach their God given potential and become responsible members of the Community.

Alternative ways to give financially to Matumaini

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We are a registered charity and can therefore claim Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer. This will increase the amount of your donation to us. To donate with Gift Aid, please download this form and return it with your cheque.

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