The children at PEFA Matumaini Centre could use your help in many practical ways. The centre especially needs sponsorship for children who do not yet have this support. Your regular gift can help provide:


  • School fees, books, and uniforms.
  • A good supply of healthy food at the centre.
  • Medication and medical treatments.
  • Staff to provide necessary care and supervision.


Meet some of the children God has blessed us with in need of sponsorship:


Paul GachokaCASE STUDY

Name: Paul Gachoka Macharia 

Age: 12 years (DOB: 12/8/2000)

Gender: Male

Residence: Molo


Paul has cerebral palsy. Both parents have no meaningful employment and have three siblings.

Paul is able to understand but does not talk, his only way of communication is by gestures and a few words that here and there. He needs a wheel chair for mobility as he cannot walk or even stand, due to general weakness of his muscles.  This affects the trunk control of his head makes loose balance while he is sitting.

Paul is mostly left at his home with no one to take care of him, and no interactions.  This has probably made him a slow learner and not able to do anything for himself, due to lack of any external stimulation.

Paul needs to access the special unit class in Tumaini Integrated Primary school for specialized education.  He therefore needs to be at the Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre hostel whereby he will have Physiotherapist services, his medical needs will be met and access to the special unit integrated primary school for his education.  

His parents cannot afford to pay for his medication and his education.

With a donation of £50 per Month you will be able to sponsor Paul at Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre where he will have an opportunity to better his life and realize His God given potential.

 Goals: Education, Rehabilitation of Paul, Counseling of Paul’s parents and Siblings and purchasing of a wheel chair for Paul.



 Name: Joseph Mule 

Age: 17 years (DOB: 1995)

Gender: Male

Residence: TOTAL, Molo


Joseph has a mentally disability (moderate) and epilepsy. His mother is a single parent and has no income.

Due to his mental condition, Joseph can sometimes do something’s but other time he can’t. He is still too dependent in his daily activities.

The mother says that there are times when he can count from one to ten but others time he just goes blank. It is also difficult for him to interact with his family and many times he appears spaced out. He is under medication but for the longest he has not had a proper follow up with the doctor and his medication that’s why he is not stable. Because of his mentally disability and the constant emotional changes that he has the community does not accepted him so he doesn’t interact with them.

He used to be in a special school, but he and his family moved to another town and now he is not attending any school.

With a donation of £50 per Month, Joseph can start all over in Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre.

Joseph needs an environment whereby he can be stabilized on medication, and attend and enroll to the special unit class. His epilepsy needs to be managed and so that he can enroll back to school and be able to study, learn skills and be able to live independently.

 Goals: Education and Managing Epilepsy.



Name: Samson Njoge Njuge

Age: 7 years (DOB: 2005)

Gender: Male

Residence: Kiambogo (Near Matumaini Rehab Centre)


Samson has cerebral palsy. Both his parents have no any meaningful employment and no source of income to support him.

Samson hears and is able to follow instruction but does not talk. His way of communication is through gestures. He use his right hand to support himself, he drags himself on the floor. His left side is very weak and cannot hold the body weight. At the moment he is fully dependent, cannot do anything by himself. He interacts very well with his family and the community. He cannot walk or even stand and need constant help.  He also needs a wheel chair for mobility.

Samson has enrolled to join special unit class in Tumaini Integrated Primary School next year.  He will need to live at Matumaini Rehabilitation hostel to access the special unit class.

With a donation of £50 per month you can make Samson realize his dream. Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre will use this money for Samson’s accommodation, fees, rehabilitation and medical services.

Goals: Education and getting a wheel chair.



Name: Naomi Chebet kimi Chebet

Age: 12 years (DOB: 2000)

Gender: female


Naomi has a moderate mentally disability. Her mother is a single parent and also mentally handicapped. She has a brother who has mental disability as well as speech impairment. They live at their grandmother’s place. She is able to read a little, but at times refuses completely.

She helps with some chores at home, such as fetching water from the well, fetching fire wood, washing utensils and does any job assigned to her. She interacts very well with family and community.

Naomi needs medical attention, and close monitoring of the doctor’s appointment the taking in of her medication. Her mother cannot do it as she herself is in need of the same services.  The grandmother whom she lives with is too old and frail to manage.

With your donation of £50 per month Naomi will be able to live in Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre whereby she will be taken to see the Psychiatric, monitor her medication and access to the special unit class in the Tumaini Integrated Primary school. The Centre will also help in her rehabilitation.

Goals: Education and Medical



Name: Margaret Wairimu Mwangi

Age: 16 years (DOB: 1996)

Gender: female

Residence: Mjokerio, Njoro


Margaret is dump and a slow leaner. She lives with her parents. Although she cannot talk, for communicating she shows by touching or holding hands and in some occasions leads the person. She is fully dependent in daily activities, although she tries to help in +sweeping and dish washing but at the end someone has to redo.

She interacts with family and the community. She is in nursery but she doesn’t fit in the school. Her parents want her to do a vocational training so she can become independent. Margaret needs to attend a special needs school whereby she can learn skills.  Her parents do not have the money to take her that is why they tried to still put her in Nursery school which is not serving her purpose.

With a donation of £50 per month, Margaret can attain to the education that she needs in the special unit class in Tumaini Integrated Primary school as lives in Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre hostel.  The Centre will also help in her accessing medical care and rehabilitating her.

Goals: Education.


CASE STUDYmary Mweru

Name: Mary Mweru Ndung’u

Age: 5 years (DOB: 2007)

Gender: female


Mary is speech impaired and hyperactive we suspect that she is autistic. She lives with her parents and both of them have no income.

She cannot talk, is able to produce sounds that are not understood. She however tries to use gestures as a means of communication. She has a very short span of concentration.

She is fully dependent in her daily activities. She interacts with family and the community; she goes to church with other children and also likes to play with them.

Her parents are frustrated as they do not have the means to take her to a specialized school that would cater for her special needs. They desire to see Mary join school and study because this is going to help her to be independent and have a good future.

With your donation of £50 per month, Mary will be able to stay at Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre whereby she will be able attend the special unit class in Tumaini Integrated Primary she can be taught and learn according her disabilities.

Goals: Education.


PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre, PO BOX 62, 20106 MOLO, KENYA

Matumaini Centre is a registered Charitable Children Institute with the Kenya Ministry of Gender and Children Services


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